Monday, April 03, 2006

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

General Conference was never more welcome than it was this past week. We have been in the middle of an extensive job search that has taken Juan Carlos all over the country. Until last week, we had no prospects and had just decided to stay another year in North Carolina and see what options came up next year. Then within two days Juan Carlos received two offers. This should be exciting news, but we are feeling more bewildered than anything else. We would both love to stay where we are, but feel that we have to take the opportunities that come our way.
Anyway, my wise mother reminded me that General Conference was this weekend and that sometimes the answers we are looking for pop up in the conference talks. As usual, by the end of the conference all the talks run together and we have a hard time remembering who said what. One thing stood out to us in particular. President Faust spoke about how to have faith instead of fear. He quoted Mark 5:36; "Be not afraid, only believe". Juan Carlos and I both were touched by that. We have certainly been living in a great deal of uncertainty and trepidation these last few months.
I am grateful that we took the opportunity to listen for that great counsel.
It looks like our decision will be made between High Point, NC and Boston. There is an outside chance that we will stay in the Raleigh area if a lecturership comes through at Duke. I am trying my best to not be afraid of moving to a new place. I am tired of moving and I am ready to stay somewhere. I had hoped that that would be here, but the Lord may have another plan for us. I hope to be strong and to support Juan Carlos in whatever decision he feels is the right one.