Monday, September 17, 2007

It has begun...

My organized desk (It only looks like this in the morning and right before I leave)

School started about two weeks ago and I am finally feeling like I have my head above water. This is the fastest I have ever been able to reach that point. It has taken me five years! Of course I have been teaching in traditional schools where my workload was much higher and at my new school there seems to be a bit more time. Add this to the fact that since we are desperately trying to avoid buying another car and that I ride the bus to and from work every day and you can probably figure out that I just have to use my time at school more effectively. I also managed to finally get myself organized (mostly) BEFORE the school year started. I think most teachers try to manage classes more effectively every year until they finally find a system that works. This is the first year where I felt my system hasn't needed major work.

It's a good thing I feel so on top of things, because I am teaching AP Spanish.

This statement needs to be prefaced by saying that the AP test was reformulated last year and it is now a BEAST. The students are expected to be able to do things that even native speakers can't do (yes, I do have native speakers in my class) and my AP training was, unfortunately, taken when the old system was in place. So all of my extra time is taken up with AP. I am working with a stellar group of kids. Here they are:

So far, so good. We'll see how things progress--it is early days yet.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Walk at Wheeler

Hi everyone-

We started school so we have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Today we have the day off for Rosh Hashanah (there is a large Jewish population in RI) so we decided to take Luna out for an adventure. My school has a 120 acre farm in Seekonk, MA and one of the perks is that faculty can use it. So we took Luna today and went for a long walk. It is great because she can be off leash for awhile. She had fun splashing in the pond and rolling in the pine needles and the grass.
We also have new callings in our new ward. I am the ward pianist and the Primary pianist and a Primary teacher for the 8-11 year olds. Juan Carlos is the Young Men's president of all two young men in the ward.

Other than that, our life is full of lesson plans and correcting papers!

We love and miss you all-


Luna loves to roll in the pine needles!

Luna finds Juan Carlos while playing Hide and Seek

Taking a break with JC

Too much running!

Ready to go home