Saturday, February 25, 2012

Señor Español

I am very fortunate that I am married to a guy who is also a Spanish teacher—and who hates to be bored in class as much as I do. Juan Carlos often Skypes into my classroom to talk to students about various topics that mysteriously have something to do with what we learn in class. Well, as you can imagine, Señor Español is a big hit whenever he calls. So you can imagine the reaction when he came to class this week:


We were practicing understanding and using commands in Spanish, so Juan Carlos told students to go certain places to find instructions on how to make gazpacho. Then they had to tell him what to do.




In the end the gazpacho was made and consumed…with varying degrees of pleasure!


So if you want to be a rock star, don’t worry about agents and playing an instrument or singing or whatever. Just know your way around a blender and be Señor Español.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I meant to write a bit more this year but January got completely away from me, and obviously half of Feburary. Juan Carlos gave me a lovely camera for Valentine’s Day this year so today we walked around the neighborhood and took some pictures that I thought I would share. (I believe most of them will just make you glad you don’t live where we do. Well, maybe not if you like baseball.)


This is McCoy Market, which we call Don Vicente’s. We call it that because Juan Carlos had a small store like this next door to his house growing up and his neighbor’s name was Don Vicente. So Don Vicente lives on here in Pawtucket.

Now this is a diner that is literally across the street from where we live. Sadly enough we have never been there. I bet the Hot Wieners are a real draw…what is wrong with us!?


We live next to (and I do mean next to) a baseball stadium. We watch the fireworks outside our bedroom window. We don’t even have to pay for tickets because we hear the whole game just sitting in our living room. The Pawsox is the feeder team for the Boston Red Sox so sometimes we get a famous pitcher in for a game or two. The stadium, streets and parking lots are all packed when there are games going on.

DSC_0011     DSC_0014

The stadium parking lot does make a good place for Luna to run around, and play tug-of-war with her daddy. Here’s to my two beautiful loves!



When I actually learn how to use this camera you will probably hear from me again. Let’s all of us hope that is not next year sometime.