Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day


We had a real nor’easter last night and got a decent amount of snow. Since my school was closed for the day, I got caught up with my grading and got some much needed rest. However, I couldn’t resist going out with the video camera to film Luna having fun with the snow in the way that only Berners can! Well, maybe Berners and Juan Carlos.  It’s been nice to see some real snow again.

Shoveling makes Juan Carlos feel manly—or maybe it’s because he’s manly that he feels like shoveling snow…I hope it will stop snowing at some point so he can stop going out!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rhode Island Greenways: East Bay Bike Path and India Point Park

Today we took a walk around the India Point Park and part of the East Bay Bike Path. This area is right in the middle of Providence heading over to the East Side, so it was much more urban than the Blackstone. However, it was a lovely day and we learned some interesting things about the area.


Here is the view from our car back towards the bridge that connects I-195 West to I-95. As we explored the park we noticed this guy checking us out:


I half expected him to say “Mine!”



Here is Luna checking out the seagull!

 IMG_0531  IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0536

This is the Seekonk River and since we do not have a boat there was only one way across….

IMG_0537 IMG_0538

The bike path actually runs along I-195, but fortunately we were separated from all the traffic.


Luna wanted her scenic view, too! As you can see, this is a pretty high traffic area and a lot of people seem to feel a need to write on a bridge when they cross it.

After we crossed the bridge we skirted the waterfront until we were directly across from where we parked. You can see the bridge we crossed in the far left of the photo behind the trees.


After we got back to the car it was time for a rest and for Luna to have a nice long drink. Then we went home and washed those dirty paws!!!!


Wednesday, January 05, 2011


For the last year or so Juan Carlos and I have been supplementing his Spanish courses with a program called Second Life, where we hold lab activities and help sessions. This all happens online, so students can attend even if they are at home hanging out in their bedrooms. It is a lot of fun and helps the students feel more comfortable speaking the language.
Meet Eliza:
Snapshot_010                  Snapshot_011  
Eliza is my avatar and she looks somewhat like me, if (gulp!) a few pounds lighter. And I admit readily that she does have better hair and a much better wardrobe than I do in real life.
Here is Eliza with Tanausu (i.e., virtual Juan Carlos)
Juan Carlos is actually better looking in real life, but we can’t all be gorgeous in real life, I guess, can we?
Here we are with some students:
More students:

It has been an experience learning how to teach in a virtual environment, and it is definitely an intriguing way to practice the target language. But I do have to admit that it’s also just fun to wear cute clothes and not worry about getting chalk dust all over them, and to wear shoes that are not sensible and not have to worry about how my feet will feel at the end of class!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Just That

"Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided to enable you...but be diligent unto the end."
D&C 10:4

 Since I am mostly continuing my goals for this year, I have decided to focus on this scripture and try to incorporate it more fully into my life. I think this means prioritizing the things that are important and giving my energy and attention to the things that are most important. In other words, it's time to cut out the rif-raff, because a person can only do so much. Some things I cannot cut out and they are going to be my focus this year:

1. Church stuff. Just can't cut it out. Don't really want to cut it out. So it stays.

2. Work. Must be done. (secretly love this, too)

3. Singing. All other activities get suckier if I don't do this.

4. Health.  Can't get away from it, and I'd like to stave off the aging for as long as possible.

5. Husband. This one's REAL easy to focus on, and good thing since #1-4 are going to be hard enough.

I often wonder how other people do resolutions, or how they don't do them. What do you plan for 2011?