Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back in Utah Again

We are back in Utah again! We will be heading out to Texas in a couple of days but we have had a full schedule since we arrived. We had a family reunion at Moon Lake in the High Uintahs. We had a great time but it was a bit stressful, mostly for my Mom. She had a digestive problem one night and we had to drive an hour and a half to the nearest hospital. She was fine in the end so we headed back to Moon Lake. The next day she tripped over a tent stake and did a face plant into a tree trunk. The worst thing is that she has to do a reading at my sister Emma's wedding on Saturday and she has two big scabs on her face. The next day she wasn't taking any chances and she left a couple of hours before everyone else. This morning she packed up the van with wedding items and my sister and her three kids and headed out to Texas. What a lady! She threatened me with death if I posted any pictures of her, but I am sneaking one in. Here are some pictures of the trip. Notwithstanding all of the trauma, we can't wait for Moon Lake 2008!

Luna's first swim

My cousin Rachael with her great catch
A visitor to our campsite
Everyone having dinner
Juan Carlos with Sue's three kids
JC and Phebe
Luna fishing with JC