Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pooped in Providence, San Antonio and Flat Stanley

We haven't posted in awhile, but we are about to make up for it now! Some of you know that our ward is fairly young; that is, many of our members have not been members for very long. Many of our members are also students, so that means that they are not here during the summer. That means that those of us who have some years of experience are called upon to fulfill multiple callings. Since we moved in, I have been playing the piano in Primary, teaching Primary and doing all the music for Sacrament meeting. Juan Carlos is the Young Men's president, which takes up quite a bit of time. I have felt like the only people in the ward that I was getting to know were the 8-11 year-olds, since that is the class I teach and who I sit with 3rd hour. I love them but wasn't really getting to know anyone else. I still don't know who a lot of my student's parents are. I was talking to Mom on the phone last night and she asked me if I loved my new ward yet and I said no. The Lord must have been listening because today I was called to be Young Women's president on top of all the other callings! Obviously I won't be doing music in Prmary anymore but I will still do sacrament meeting and teach my Primary class. I guess the Lord wants me to have many opportunities to love my ward. JC and I went to a conference on foreign-language teaching last week and we had a great time. Not least of all the fun was seeing Emma and Paul and having dinner on the Riverwalk:
The conference was great and we ran into a bunch of people that we knew in our pedagogy classes at BYU. It was great to see them.
We went on a hike in the hills around San Antonio and spent some time with our friend Scott, who let us stay at his house.
Rachael sent us a visitor named Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is an elementary school student who accidentally was smashed flat by a bulletin board. Although it is unfortunate, Flat Stanley can be very helpful by sliding under doors to retrieve items and also he is able to travel around the world inexpensively in an envelope. Flat Stanley had Thanksgiving dinner with us and he is eagerly awaiting his next Rhode Island adventure.
I love and miss you all-