Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rehearsal Partner

Now wouldn’t this be helpful to anyone slogging through a bunch of German?


She also lets me know when the caterwauling gets to be too much! Better get back to it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Truly Pathetic

This morning I was in a panic because I knew I needed to be at work by 7:30am. I knew it was terribly important, but I could not for the life of me remember why. I knew I had to return the field trip bag from the day before so I did that when I first got in, but I was convinced there was something vital that I was forgetting. I thought maybe I had set up a review for a quiz I was giving that day, or maybe a meeting with a student or an advisee. So I got to school and went to the office to pick up some forms for  my AP class and the dean of students came out of the principal’s office and said “ Hey! Glad you could make it!, We’ve just gotten started!” I arrived just in time for  a major appointment with school administration. Was it on my calendar? Yes. For some reason, though, it didn’t show up on my Outlook when I checked it in the morning.  How could I not remember that? I had been thinking about it all week! What on earth is the matter with me?!?!!?

It continues…

For the last two days I have been searching for my work keys. I have a filing cabinet I can’t get into unless I have them.  I have gone through every pocket that I have. I have torn apart my desk. I have gone through every drawer and closet in the house. It looked like I was going to have to send out a memo to the whole school asking if anyone had seen my keys.

Well, after this crazy week we came home to take care of some much needed catch-up chores. We were working in the kitchen and JC was putting some dishes in the dishwasher and all of a sudden he said “Guess where your work keys are?”

Here is where they were (no judging, please!):


Now I am going to sleep for 12 hours and then see if I can put myself back together.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Use Your Imagination

It has not been a good couple of weeks for me physically. Normally February is crazy and this year is no exception. There is so much to get done that I sometimes get into task completion mode and don’t pay attention to what I am doing. That is a bad thing for my body. Here are the top 3 maimings of the last two weeks: (I do have pictures of all of this but will spare you—just imagine what it looks like)
#1. One of my students left a backpack in the doorway of my classroom. Of course I came through the door at top speed and said “¡Buenos días!” like I do every day, promptly tripped over the backpack and fell flat on my face after throwing my computer across the room. I now have green and purple knees and a cracked computer casing. But for once my Spanish 2 class was speechless! You probably would have been, too.
#2. One thing we dream about is having a house with enough closet space. We keep a lot of stuff in the closet, so it gets complicated when we have to dig under some things to get at other things. Our closets have textured plaster walls. I was after something last week and was in a hurry as usual, and as I pulled what I needed out from the bottom of the closet I lost my balance. I didn’t let go of the box I had grabbed (it took me too long to find it!)  but it did scrape along the textured wall and so did the knuckles of my right hand, hard enough to leave some of my hand behind on the wall. Owwwwwwwww.
#3. Pedro went back to Spain last Sunday, and I rushed home from church to get lunch ready so he and JC could eat before they headed out to the airport. I was cutting bread with vim and vigor, not paying enough attention, and managed to cut the middle finger of my left hand with the serrated bread knife. And of course there was not a Band-Aid to be found in the house, since we don’t even have time to go to the store, so we were trying to bandage it with tape and toilet paper. (We did eventually find a Band-Aid in the first aid kit in the car)
Honorable Mentions:
Playing with Luna and getting smacked in the face by her occipital bone. Tripping over Luna on the stairs and twisting my ankle. Burning myself on the steam from the casserole dish in the oven.

4 more days of February to get through. Hopefully I will live to post again.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boys in Boston

Yesterday we went to Boston to see the sights and go to the New England Aquarium. We drove to Forest Hills and took the subway in, just because when we drive in trauma usually ensues. Besides, riding the subway is fun. Most of the time. Here you can see Pedro and Juan Carlos at the wharf in Boston Harbor, just outside the aquarium, and also by the Custom House clock tower.
 IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0363
We had to wait in a really long line to get into the aquarium and the place was packed. I guess we weren’t the only ones that thought the aquarium was a good idea! Here are some pics of the beautiful animal life at the aquarium. The first couple of pictures are of the Leafy Seadragon, which we were suprised to learn was not a piece of floating seaweed. Unbelieveably cool.

IMG_0366 IMG_0372 IMG_0375 IMG_0376
Of course they were obsessed with the piranhas—boys will be boys! (Although I did also find them quite fascinating myself) The seahorses are in the next picture, Can you find them? They camouflage very well!
IMG_0378 IMG_0388 IMG_0390
These Rockhopper penguins were feeling a little warm so they were standing (or sleeping) in front of a fan. In February. Well, I guess if you are a penguin it makes sense.
Here we are outside the Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. We went to see the Great Hall but it was closed for maintenance! Wouldn’t you know!
And of course Pedro couldn’t go home without the obligatory photo with Norm!
It was great to have Pedro visit and great for JC to spend some time with one of his oldest friends. It also got us through another week of February. Only one left! We are actually feeling much better because the sun is out until about 5:30 now and we can walk and run outside again. It makes a difference, but we are going to be glad to see March arrive.
Next time I will be posting about all the ways I have maimed myself in the past week. Yes, maimed. Just in case you think I am too negative about February.
Till next time!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We have had a very cold month so far but we have tried to get outside and not be big wimps. This week one of Juan Carlos' friends from Spain is here visiting so we have been out and about. Yesterday we went to the outlet malls and his friend went crazy because he couldn't believe how much cheaper things were here:

He got lots of stuff, and we got a few things, too. (Come on, you can't go to the outlet malls and come away empty handed!) That afternoon we went for a walk in Slater Park. Do we look cold enough? In this picture, JC and Pedro are both wearing the exact same jacket that they got at the Nautica outlet, but they are reversible so it can be either blue or red. Both of them thought this was the most amazing thing ever.

Yesterday we went to Newport. There are only four of the Newport mansions open in the wintertime, so we went and saw the Breakers. I have been pestering JC since we moved here to go see the mansions and he never would, but once he saw it he said he didn't realize how amazing they were, he thought they were some nice bigger houses and that was it. We had a good laugh about that!

From the Breakers we got Luna out of the car and took the Cliff Walk back to Easton Beach on Memorial Boulevard. Luna ran around like crazy and had a moment of confusion when she couldn't drink the water. (It doesn't matter how many times we go to the ocean, she still tries to drink the water!)
We headed back to the car on the Cliff Walk and look what we saw:

Some people from Portsmouth were walking their Berners so we said hello. You can't tell from the picture but these two boys were gigantic and very muscular. Luna looked like a puppy next to them. They were gorgeous. People walking by us were laughing and stopping to pet the dogs and one lady said she didn't expect to see such a sideshow. One Berner is a conversation starter anytime, but three is a circus!

Today I am having some work friends over and Juan Carlos and Pedro are making a paella. The flan is already in the refrigerator, mmmmmm, can't wait! It has been fun to listen to the boys talk about when they were in college together and I am learning all sorts of things about which alcoholic drinks make you the most drunk! Apparently college back then was not appreciably different than college now. I guess you never know when that information might come in handy!

15 days of February down, 13 to go!