Monday, August 21, 2006

Family Ties

I spent the last few weeks in Utah with my family. Now that I am back at home everything is so quiet and I find that I had gotten used to all the noise that family and kids make, so the quiet is a little weird. I had the best time with my sister Sue and her husband Josh and their three little ones. We also spent a couple of days up at Moon Lake with most of the family. Sarah and John took Donny and me out on the boat with all and we had so much fun, even though only John caught one little fish. Sarah's baby Austin was so cute and funny, I hope if I have a baby one day he or she will be like that. Sandra came the next day and had a whopping three hour boat ride. We all had a great time. Sue and I are hoping to make Moon Lake a yearly tradition! Alas, the only photos I have are of Donny and me in the lake (we were foolish enough to go in and it was very cold).
Here are some pictures from the trip.