Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I Wish The World Was Like

My dad always gave me a hard time about watching musicals. He actually secretly likes some of them too, but I guess he thought it was his responsibility to let me know that people don't really go around bursting into song. What? They don't?! Why ever not? I always laughed it off and continued watching and loving musicals. Well, I guess there are some people like me in the world after all, and they are trying to fix the problem. Believe me, if the world were like this, I would already be in heaven.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting Back to Singing

I was feeling sad after the LDS General Conference a couple of weeks ago, because the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is doing such great things and I wish I could still be with them sometimes. Also, one of my friends from BYU Concert Choir was just appointed to be the assistant director, so he is leaving Boston and going back to Utah and I have been feeling a little bit jealous. I don't like having bad feelings but I did get into a bit of a bad mood over all of this. Juan Carlos said exactly what I needed to hear: music should make me happy and not miserable. He was right and I decided that I really needed to start singing again and do it here and not live in the past. Unfortunately all the choirs around here want you to pay to sing with them. I am also prideful enough that I don't want to sing in a crappy choir. (I know, it's a bit snobby!)

Anyway, I decided to try out for the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, which is the chorus that sings with the Boston Symphony and the Boston Pops. It was a crazy drive into Boston, but JC kept his cool and we got there in time. As I was listening to the other auditionees I was wondering what I had gotten myself into, because it was obvious these were serious singers. All I had to do was sing the song I had prepared--which is easy compared to the Motab audition! But it has been three years since I did any real singing so I still had plenty of nerves, and those of you who know me know my nerves are of gargantuan proportions when I am singing solo. I chose a Brahms for my audition and I felt like it went well, although I am not sure how good my German is! Afterwards John Oliver (the conductor) started asking me questions about the song and he said he had played it before and how it was one of his favorites of Brahms. I hoped that was a good sign. But still, it's the Boston Symphony! So I didn't really expect to get in.

Well, yesterday I found out that I DID!!!! It's a little unbelieveable at this point but I am sure the rehearsal schedule will bring me back to reality soon. The summer season was just published and looks wonderful. I seriously can't believe it. I am excited to get back to singing. And while it's no Motab, I think it will be a close second!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still working on it...

Believe it or not, I really am still trying to work on my nothing wall. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to try and find the right thing, so it is still moving very slowly. My friends know how indecisive I am, so I think this is why Lara took matters into her own hands and just sent me what I needed, at least for one part of my living room. I am so grateful to have such an inspired and thoughtful friend:

Aren't they awesome? I was so thrilled to get these miniature opera posters in the mail--all I had to do was frame them! I would never have found anything as perfect--I can't even find sheet music in this area so I wouldn't have even dreamed something like this was possible. Anyway, Lara wins a prize even though this was not for the nothing wall. Lara--watch your inbox for your fabulous prize....

Now I bet you are all REALLY hoping I pick your idea for the Nothing Wall!!!