Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Play on Words

English is not Juan Carlos' first language. Spanish is not my first language. At home we try to stick to Spanish but sometimes a strange hybrid creeps into use when we aren't paying attention. Inevitably, we each make mistakes with the other's language. Most of the time this is just irritating, but sometimes we really crack each other up. Since most readers of this blog would not understand my mistakes, this post is for the amusing contributions JC has made to the English language.

1. "I am going to kill the bird with two stones." Meaning to say "kill two birds with one stone"

2. "What is the windshield factor?" Instead of wind chill factor

3. "My stomach hurts-right around my button-belly."

4. "Can I have some hot chocolate with wiped cream?" Instead of whipped cream

5. "It has cring chiss" Instead of cream cheese

6. "Excuse me. I burp." Instead of I burped

7. To the dog: "Sage! Rolled over!" Instead of "Roll over!"

8. "What do you want on your tomestoon? Instead of tombstone

9. "I think we need an aisle for the kitchen" Instead of island

10. Waitress: " Do you want soup or salad?"

Juan Carlos: "Yes."

Waitress: "You want soup, or salad?"

Juan Carlos: "Yes."

He thought she was saying super salad and he wanted one!!!!!

Just in case you laugh too hard, remember it goes both ways! My nieces and nephews have a hard time saying Juan Carlos so they call him "One Carlos". I think it's a fair trade.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Annie's ABC's

I saw this on Lara's blog and thought it was fun. I am trying to get JC to do his as well, so stay tuned!

A Aphrodisiac. What turns you on? Singing and Juan Carlos’ dancing.

B BFF. Who’s your best friend? My best friend is JC. Best girlfriends? Probably Mom and Sue.

C Celeb. Favorite? Most annoying? I don’t really have a favorite. I don’t think there is a most annoying.

D Drink. What’s your poison? Orange juice. You CAN drink too much.

E Everyday essentials. What do you use everyday? My computer.

F Fav. color. What’s your signature color? I don’t really have one, I like all colors.

G Groove. What music are you enjoying today? Annie Lennox. What a voice!

H Hot! Who’s hot? Who’s not? I think Juan Carlos is hot. I decline to comment on who is not, unfortunate souls.

I Indulgence. Dish about your guilty pleasure. I love those fuzzy chenille socks.

J {dream} Job. What would you do? I would love to do opera full-time, but teaching is a very close second and much more stable! (Plus the world needs more Spanish teachers than opera singers!)

K Kitchen Companion. Most used item in your kitchen? I am not really sure about this one, but it is probably the water faucet.

L Life is incomplete without. . . ? Juan Carlos, the gospel, books.

M Mc. . . What would you “Mc”? McMartín. Come on, I had to say that.

N Natural or dyed? Natural, although I dyed it for a few years in college. Now it’s just brown.
O Outrageous Outfit. What’s hiding your closet that you’re dying to wear?
Unfortunately nothing.

P Pet Peeve. What makes you absolutely crazy? Politics.

Q Quote. Share some inspiration. "Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." ~Pablo Picasso. Lara had this on her blog and I like it a lot.
R Restaurant you give rave reviews. We don’t get out much, but we went to one restaurant in Providence called Oki’s. We can’t wait to go again!

S Starbucks order. BEST hot chocolate that’s not homemade.

T Television. What keeps you glued to the couch? The Westminster dog shows. (I know, it’s so boring that I can’t believe you are still reading!)

U Ultimate Vacation Destination. I know this is probably lame, but I would just love to go back to Utah and spend time with my family.

V Virtual Babe Name. What’s your online ID? harpyno1

W Wonder Woman. What woman leaves you in awe? Mom definitely and Sue is a close second.

X eX - _______________ Ex-single person? I can't think of very many things I've been that I am not anymore.

Y Youth in a bottle. What keeps you feeling young at heart? Working with teenagers.

Z Zodiac sign. Leo

Monday, January 01, 2007

Alaska Adventure 2006

Mom with the sled dogs
Emma, Paul, Mom and Ray with the sled dogs
Juan Carlos and Sage
Juan Carlos and Sage

Phebe and Stephen

Juan Carlos and I are slowly recovering from the flight from Alaska, where we spent our Christmas holiday, back to Boston. It was truly awful, but the trip was worth it. My sisters Sue and Emma came up as well, and both my parents arrived on Christmas day after they found out (at the airport!) that their Christmas Eve flight had been cancelled. Once we all arrived the fun began! My mother realized her dream of riding with an Iditarod dog sled team, my sister Emma and her fiance Paul had their engagement pictures taken, and probably the best part of the whole trip was meeting the newest members of the family, Phebe (6 months) and Stephen (3 months). Juan Carlos and I enjoyed the snow (it has been about four years since we saw any) and Ray and Kary's Bernese Mountain Dog, Sage. Juan Carlos earned the nickname of "dog whisperer" and "baby whisperer", since he taught Sage new tricks and quieted the fussy babies when noone else could. He also shoveled more snow than I have ever seen. We enjoyed being with family so much. I don't think that kind of Christmas will happen ever again, and I am so grateful that we were able to be with everyone at the holiday season.

Here are some pictures of our Alaska adventure.