Sunday, November 04, 2012

Where I've Been Part 2

Hello again, friends....

So, to continue:

The other place I have been is in a whole lot of doctor's offices. After going back to Rhode Island my doctor had me go for a CT scan to see what was going on with the kidney stones and lo and behold, the kidney without the stones in it was completely non-functional and had been for many many years. Who knew? Anyway, it's up to all kinds of mischief in there, so they want to take it out. So then I get to live with one kidney that likes to make stones! But at least it works, so I am grateful for that.

Thus, the rest of 2012 looks to be pretty eventful, and I hope to be better at documenting it. Christmas vacation will come soon thereafter, and that means time for my Christmas present...even surgery keep can't keep me away. Till next time!

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